TixFlix is unrivaled.

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The central intelligence unit. Unrivaled software platform. Scalable modern simple. Everything as means to an end.


Everything as means to an end

TixFlix - the system created by mind as a means to an end. Business as object. Humans as objects. Objects as means to an end. Technology as a means to an end. TixFlix is the root. Mind as root.

The system was developed due to lack of immovable results of stupidity. TixFlix is intelligent and modern. It linked modern technics with your business cases and use case. Create your business case or non business case, develop your cases or systems, organize whatever you want. Control what you want. The system is endless and your brain. TixFlix is unrivaled.

information is all

TixFlix linked everything on all levels. TixFlix is the root of information. TixFlix is created by mind. The central unit for objects. It shares and connects your logistic units and ressources and information to different points and third systems. TixFlix is your endpoint and sharepoint. TixFlix is your central intelligence for information of any kind and for everything. TixFlix organizes humans, employees, devices, transactions, financial ressources. Information as object. Humans as objects. Information as a means to an end. TixFlix distributes and collects information explicitly. Provide and collect and control. TixFlix linkes behavior to events. Control and distribute. Everything and everyone. Information is all.

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